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photo__conference_17-12_12_Harvard_Medical_School Are There Limits to the Probabilization of Science?
2 December 2013
Cambridge, MA, USA

thomas boulier_homeWhat We Can Learn from the Electric Sense of Fish
Thomas Boulier
25 June 2014, IHPST, Paris

Robert SolowFinancing Innovation: Lessons from Europe, Japan and the US
29 September 2014
Paris, 5e


2014/2015 Robert Solow Postdoctoral Fellows:

Andrea Ariu
Baptiste Françon
Bruno José Trancoso da Rocha


Johan Paulsson and Robert Solow
The Limits of the Probabilization of Science
17 December 2012, Boston

aurelien saussay_home
Can the U.S. Shale Revolution Be Duplicated in Europe?
Aurélien Saussay, 27 May 2014
Ecole des Mines, Paris

Redefining Potential Growth
Ekkehard Ernst and Xavier Timbeau
8 June 2012, 2.30pm

2013/2014 Fellows


Elizaveta Archanskaia
Giorgia Barboni
Bassel Tarbush




What’s Right with
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couv_primse_27_fr_homeWhat Makes Public-Private Partnerships Work?
Prisme N°27
Jean Bensaïd et Frédéric Marty

europe_econ_crisis_cover_homeEurope’s Economic Crisis: Transatlantic Perspectives

Videos / Book


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