to probability

With the support of the Fondation Engie, the Cournot Fondation has created a program to introduce probability theory and economics to students in Priority Education Networks (REP) in France.

For the 2018–2019 school year, the first project has been set up with two REP middle schools: the Collège des Petits Ponts in Clamart, near Paris, and the Collège de Penn ar C’hleuz in Brest, in the Brittany region. Volunteer students aged 13-15 of these middle schools have been paired under the guidance of the mathematics professor Josselin Garnier.

The aim of the Cournot workshops is to have the students work on a research project throughout the school year. The workshops take place weekly in the two middle schools, and the coordination between the two groups is organized by the schools’ math teachers and Professor Garnier.

The three workshops, composed of 3 to 4 students each, are based on experimental games:

  • the game of double or quits
  • the game of martingales: heads or tails?
  • the game of the maximum

The Foundation is working in collaboration with the French association for the promotion of mathematics Math en Jeans (MeJ) to carry out the project. In the spring, the students will participate in Math en Jeans’ annual conference to present the results of their workshops using different media: an auditorium presentation, a stand with posters, interactive games and an article to be published in the conference proceedings at the end of the school year.

For more information on these Cournot-sponsored, REP middle-school probability workshops, go to:ège-des-petits-ponts-clamart-20182019